Supercritical and High Pressure Lab Equipment


PVT Cells & Visualisation Cells

Sapphire tubes cells


In oil and chemical industries, polymers, natural products, etc…

  • Multiphase behaviour visualization + sampling
  • Visualization of solubilisation of mixture with long solubilisation process that requires an efficient mixing (mixer option)
  • Atomisation and spray visualization (e.g. for SAS and RESS)

A sapphire tube is closed by 2 lids and offers a complete view on the full cell volume. These cells are ideal for large and global visualization.

It is possible to introduce thermostation and protection jacket large items inside the cell and to equip the cell with various instrumentation. They can be easy mounted on laboratory support frames and supplied with many options.


  • Mixer for viscous solutions observation or solid dissolution.
  • Top nozzle connector for spray visualization + bottom filter for particle collection
  • Sampling devices at the top or at the bottom
  • Piston for cell volume variation
  • P & T probes, valves, rupture disk
  • Integration in a oven
  • Supply with pump, compressor etc...



PVT and variable volume cells

These cells allow both observation through the windows and quick and precise thermodynamic measurements.

These cells are best suited for :

  • Precise volume control with measurement of the piston position in the cell
  • Precise pressure and temperature measurement and control
  • Sample collection
  • Experiments that require large cell volumes: that can be manufactured upon request



  • 3 sapphire windows placed at 90°
  • Fine thread capstan for precise volume variation
  • Construction in stainless steel
  • Jacket for thermostatation on the full cell volume
  • Possibility to introduce large solid object (up to internal diameter)
  • Possibility to turn the cell of 90 or 180°
  • PC with datalogging


Many options available for fluid introduction, sampling, pressure control, mixers, etc….


Custom made visualization and spectroscopic cells

These cells are designed upon request and can be dedicated to your application. Derived from solutions that SEPAREX already developed many options can also be proposed on standard cell.

  • Specific material, dimensions, agitators
  • Remote control options
  • Skid mounting with many instrumentation including precise sampling, circulation pumps, spectroscopic cells, etc


Spectroscopic cells up to 1000 bar / 400°C, Hydrate Reactor with 1 liter cell in.


Lab SFE for HP Extraction

Supercritical Fluid Extraction

Lab SFE 100 ml


Screening and evaluating rapidly SFE extraction : Supercritical CO2 extraction - Subcritical Water extraction - High Speed Ethnaol extraction 

On small quantities of products

On large range of conditions

Easy scale up thanks to SEPAREX expertise, know how and service



  • 1,000 bar standard pressure
  • Temperature: 20-150°C on standard configuration
  • 80 ml/min of liquid or 50 g/min of CO2
  • 1,000 bar with Separex LGP 50 pump
  • Different cell volumes from 25 to
  • 100ml—option 500 ml
  • Easy extract collection and characterization


Technical Characteristics

  • 316L Construction
  • Integrated SEPAREX design pre-heater
  • Different extraction cell for and easy opening
  • System for easy and precise feed loading / Weighting, extract collection
  • Versatile tools with many possible adaptations,
  • Etc…


Many Options Available

  • Automation
  • Specific automation for gel drying
  • Sapphire windows for media observation
  • Mixer
  • On-line sampling
  • On-line spectrometry
  • Different vessel sizes
  • Other material of construction
  • Other flow pressure or temperature specifications
  • Higher temperature and oven based configurations

And many other… Please, do not hesitate to ask!



  • Very large range of operating parameters available
  • Robust design
  • Compact size
  • Resistance to many fluids
  • Tailored design for HP process
  • Possibility for versatility and new process perspective to your HP systems


Installation requirements

  • Electrical connections: 220 V / 16A
  • Hydraulic connections: 1/8’’ Swagelok for CO2, vent line
  • Size: 0.6 x 0.46 x 0.9 (L x D X H in m)

Lab SFP for Particle generation


Versatile Supercritical Fluid

Particle Formation

Lab SFP 200 ml


Screening and evaluating rapidly supercritical particle formation and formulation process in one apparatus:

  • On small quantities of products
  • On large range of conditions
  • Easy scale up thanks to Separex expertise, know how and service


Performances & Innovations

  • Versatile system for RESS / SAS / PGSS / FAME, Extraction up to 700 bar and Atomization and Crystallization between 0 to 350 bar.
  • RESS with Separex heated nozzle / Contained and efficient collection in a basket inside the pressurized pressure vessel, etc...
  • SAS Atomization with different set of innovative multi fluid nozzle, etc…
  • FAME (Fluid Assisted pulverization or Micro Encapsulation) process with optimized mixer, nozzle for particle size tailoring, low dead volume, etc..


Technical data

  • 316L Construction
  • 25/50 and 100 ml extraction cells
  • 200 ml particle collection basket
  • Separex LGP 50 pump with pressure or flow control
  • Easy and ergonomic operation with optimized configuration of each process
  • Particle recovery with basket
  • Several lids, nozzles and accessories to optimize each process


Many Available Options

  • Automation
  • Other processes
  • Containment for toxic molecules
  • Mixer, Sapphire windows for media observation
  • On-line sampling
  • On-line spectrometry


And many other… Please, do not hesitate to ask!

Lab SFR for Reaction

High Pressure Lab Reaction Systems


  • Oxidation, Hydrogenation in supercritical fluid 
  • Hydrolysis and nano-particle generation
  • Corrosion test rig
  • Reaction in high pressure media





Tailored-made Lab Systems

SEPAREX designed tailored lab systems, and adapt all components and instruments to the application.

  • Stainless, Nickel based alloys or other materials
  • SEPAREX tailored HP / HT items (valves, instrument, mixers etc...)
  • Different batch or continous reactor designs available with different type of geometries, closures, individual heating of vessels or integration of all components in an oven
  • Different liquid pump / gas compresor possibilities
  • Different sampling and on line measurements methods


DSC03480 Copier              DSC03479 Copier

 Oven based versions of SCWO systems



0.5 liter mixed reactor


CPD critical point dryer for MEMS

CPD 200 : MEMS Critical Point Dryer

Critical point drying is a safe method for eliminating liquids and avoiding capillary forces generated by liquid/vapor interface.


Advantages & Benefits

  • No liquid / gas interface during drying Lab system Mems
  • No capillary forces
  • Compatible with all materials
  • Designed for process Reliabilty & Safety


Main Features

  • Fluid: Carbon Dioxide
  • Chamber for 4" to 200mm wafers
  • Capacity up to 4 wafers
  • Easy-handling
  • User-friendly interface
  • Process parameters control & record


Lab system Mems MEMS 2 HP Systems 03
Classical drying (solvent evaporation) Critical Point Drying


Brochure download


SF1 / SF2 : Supercritical Fluid Versatile Lab System

SF1 / SF 2 : Supercritical Fluid Versatile Lab System


  • Versatile equipment for your own process development.
  • Designed for extraction and easily modified to fit reaction, gel drying, impregnation, fractionation, particle formation, etc…
  • Main vessel volume: 1 litre (SF1) or 2 litre (SF2).
  • Service pressure and temperature: 700 or 1000 bar – 150°C.


Technical data

  • SEPAREX piston pumps – Variable flow rate from 50 to 250 g/min.
  • Electrical Heater before the extractor.
  • Heated Extraction Autoclave of 2 litres with extraction basket. 

      Other volumes and adaptation to other SCF processes on request.

  • Complete Instrumentation with digital displays and control on a control board. Pressure control with heated back pressure regulator. Evaporator and cyclonic separator at atmospheric pressure (or high pressure for recycling option).
  • Very easy installation. All utilities for heating a cooling are included.
  • Safety: Redundancy for safety systems all pressure vessels protection systems and all heating items, Conformity to European standards.



Compact and ergonomic design. Robust and clean skid mounted on wheels for easy transportation.

To be connected to :

  • CO2 Cylinder with dip pipe (500 bar).
  • 3-phase electrical supply.
  • 16mm vent line for gas effluent.
  • Skid Dimensions: 1.5m x 0.8m x 2m.



  • Implementation of your process specification.
  • Modification to fit your installation requirements (clean room, toxic products, small foot prints, ATEX, etc…).
  • Different CO2 flow rates, operation pressure and temperatures.
  • Different extractor volume (from 0.1 to 10 liter).
  • Solvent and gas injection module.
  • Liquid fractionation column.
  • PC control and data logging.


 Please, ask for your own option. We will do our best to make our systems fit your requirements.